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Thur., April 18th , 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT 


Gain a Competitive Edge with Avanti & HP


Apple products all work so well together, but once you take them from their ‘circle of devices’, they don’t play so well with others. Quite often that is how it is with different programs and devices.

It’s no different in the print industry. You have your Print MIS platform and your various software applications that you use for your production workflow, all provided by different companies. These applications work extremely well independently but attempting to have them work together can be extremely costly, if not impossible.


This is why HP and Avanti teamed up and developed an interface to integrate Avanti’s award-winning Print MIS software with HP’s PrintOS, so you can enjoy automation in virtually all facets of the print shop.

You’ll be able to drive more jobs through your shop in less time, with fewer people, while improving overall service levels as you:

• Capture real-time workload status and production information

• Increase job speed, quality, and consistency by linking together print-specific applications

• Clearly track the status of every print job through every stage of production

• Reduce costs and errors by eliminating manual entry of job production details and application and-offs

• Automatically update customers on job status and eliminate manual, time-consuming phone calls and emails

Thursday , April 18th 2019 (2 PM - 3 PM EDT)


"I have always found Avanti webinars to be very informative, helpful, and most of all easy to follow. I’ve attended a ton of print webinars and a couple of workshops with other companies that were OK, but the Avanti webinar series is one of the most useful and had the most take-away info by far. I will keep coming back for more."