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Thur., May 16th, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT 


Make it easy for your customers to do business with you with Avanti Slingshot CRM!


The key to becoming more customer-centric and maintaining customer loyalty is information! With Avanti Slingshot’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, everything you need to know about your customer is at your fingertips.

Fully embedded into the core Avanti Slingshot modules, Avanti CRM provides real-time visibility into all the departments within your shop and links to the underlying information (i.e., estimates, invoices, change orders, production schedules). This webinar will demonstrate how using Avanti CRM leads to better sales and marketing effectiveness, better customer service and, ultimately, better profitability by:

Ensuring the sales team is always in sync with the most current information about their customers’ jobs

• Identifying your most profitable customers for targeted sales and marketing campaigns

• Managing and tracking your lead generation efforts

• Driving your sales effectiveness through accurate sales forecasting and analyzing of information to maximize your profit

• Gaining insight into what your customers are seeking, allowing you to react quickly to customer requests and anticipate future needs

• Making sure that your customers are being “touched” frequently enough so that when that next job comes up, they are thinking of who will best help them meet their goals and deadlines … YOU!!!

We’ll also show how integrating the Avanti Slingshot Triggers and Alerts module can automatically notify you and your clients about important events, from confirming an order shipment to a job being late. Imagine having the ability to set up automated emails (i.e. a quote or invoice) and eliminate manual tasks!


BONUS: All attendees will receive a copy of the whitepaper: Why CRM is the Lifeblood of a Print Shop | Propel your CRM from a Contact Management Tool

Thursday , May 16th 2019 (2 PM - 3 PM EDT)


"I have always found Avanti webinars to be very informative, helpful, and most of all easy to follow. I’ve attended a ton of print webinars and a couple of workshops with other companies that were OK, but the Avanti webinar series is one of the most useful and had the most take-away info by far. I will keep coming back for more."