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Thur., Aug 22nd, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT 


Meeting & Exceeding Customer Needs with Avanti’s Advanced Fulfillment Module


Avanti’s Fulfillment System is a powerful, fully integrated, easy-to use module that expands the functionality of several Avanti modules, enabling printers to manage their entire printing and fulfillment operations from one ultra-efficient core MIS. Having an integrated system saves time (both in training and maintenance), and most importantly, ensures that all fulfillment contracts are properly managed. Also, these accounts are typically a printer’s core customers, so mistakes can be especially damaging, both in cost and reputation.

We'll demonstrate how the system manages raw materials in real-time, automates re-orders, increases control of finished goods, and manages low inventory reporting and tracking for various materials, & provide an-depth look at the inventory management features that improve internal processes, such as:

• Tracking both cost and quantity of all finished goods either as an inventory item, product or a kit.
• Extension of the Sales Order module to include ordering finished goods.
• Automatic generation of back orders and assignment of back order items to a specific job.
• Generation of pick lists, routing employees through the warehouse to pull finished goods as efficiently as possible
• Shipping of single orders to multiple locations.
• Eliminate manual calculation and entry of production orders to replenish finished goods that are produced in-house.
• Collect production costs and automatically assign the cost to the finished goods items.
• Automatically calculate replenishment transfers of fast moving items from the warehouse to the fast-moving items pick area, based on back-orders and minimum quantity requirements

Thursday , Aug 22nd 2019 (2 PM - 3 PM EDT)


"I have always found Avanti webinars to be very informative, helpful, and most of all easy to follow. I’ve attended a ton of print webinars and a couple of workshops with other companies that were OK, but the Avanti webinar series is one of the most useful and had the most take-away info by far. I will keep coming back for more."