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MSP Customer Success Webinar: Communicorp & Avanti Aligning for Success

Communicorp is a marketing services provider (MSP) active in print production, fulfillment, merchandising, marketing services and IT services.They needed a software system capable of integrating a variety of niche software applications into an optimal, centralized solution. What were they seeking to improve? What were their criteria for a software solution? How did they implement and onboard the ultimate solution — and what were the tangible results?

During the webinar recording, you'll see us demonstrate:

• How Communicorp sought to gain a competitive advantage by improving their customers’ experience.
• How Communicorp migrated from another Print MIS to Avanti Slingshot® — the drivers behind the move, the evaluation process, and how they chose Avanti Slingshot® and other software partners.
• How things have improved, and how Communicorp became better able to serve their customers.
• The lessons that Communicorp learned during implementation and onboarding of the Print MIS.


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"I have always found Avanti webinars to be very informative, helpful, and most of all easy to follow. I’ve attended a ton of print webinars and a couple of workshops with other companies that were OK, but the Avanti webinar series is one of the most useful and had the most take-away info by far. I will keep coming back for more."