Why CRM Is The Lifeblood Of Your Print Shop

Learn how to propel your CRM from a contact management tool into an ROI driver.


What will you learn?

Do you want to grow your print business? Does your CRM give you real-time visibility into all departments within your shop? The key to becoming more customer-centric and maintaining customer loyalty is information! In this eBook, you will discover: 

How to take advantage of the 3 enormous benefits that a good CRM provides.
The key success factors to a successful CRM implementation.
The critical components, features and capabilities of a strong CRM to ensure you reach your ROI goals.

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About Avanti

At Avanti, our goal is to help you deliver more jobs, in less time, with the confidence in knowing that every aspect of your shop is integrated into one powerful platform. Since 1984, Avanti has provided innovative, award-winning Print MIS solutions that deliver Print MIS ROI and help print shops and marketing communication organizations automate all facets of their business and cultivate a more meaningful customer relationship.

Avanti’s solutions are the most open in the industry; are JDF-certified, fully integrated, and extend from online order entry through to production and billing.