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Thursday , Jan 17th , 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT 


Say “YES” to commitments you know you can deliver on with Avanti Slingshot Scheduling!


Production schedules in a print shop can change hourly and it is critical for management to make the appropriate adjustments as they occur. Getting control of your production schedule is becoming a bigger challenge every day, due to ever-shortening turnaround times, shorter runs and the inevitable “urgent” order from your best customer. You need to be responsive and flexible to secure new business, and effectively manage what’s needed to fulfill your commitments.

Avanti’s Advanced Scheduling module enables you to organize your jobs efficiently, maximize equipment utilization and plan your production workflow in advance. Some important capabilities include:

• Extensive loading and scheduling reporting, by job, or by due date and time
• Automatic scheduling of all operations based on priorities and dependencies of previous tasks
• Management of “what if” scenarios to optimize the schedule before locking and “publishing” the schedule for everyone to see
• Manually override schedules and change job priorities in order to meet deadlines

Saying “yes” to commitments you know you can deliver on is critical for your reputation, and for repeat business! Improve your ability to deliver on time, every time with Avanti Slingshot’s Print Scheduling modules.

Thursday , Jan 17th 2019 ( 2 PM - 3 PM EDT )


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